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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Serenity, Zen, Relaxation, and feeling whole from within. It’s not a new trend or the next motto on your next social media post. It’s the ancient art of feeling one with your spirit and excitement and contentment to take on any day that faces you.

With the chaos and life changes that the Crown Virus brought upon us last year, not all of us got the Peace-Fullness within to restructure our life in an instant and renovate home routines.

-However, the secret is:

With your comfy clothes on, and some time to relax, you can still do it in modern style of bringing that calm back to your selfless self.

All you have to know is that it starts from your inner core. The core that’s been shaken and stirred by the uncertainties of the pandemic. Feel the worry and anxiousness wash away. And get that solid ground center that will make you stand up straighter, project more confidence and solidify your self esteem.

-What’s in it for you:

With doctors, physicians, therapists and practitioners still being harder to reach, it makes perfect sense to turn to Holistic, Western methods to keep checks on your physical and mental health, self care and feeling vibrant.

Skin care and muscle relaxation after long days at home have sent us to new heights of desire to feel beautiful and refreshed after long days of lockdown. So why not try something new for yourself and get that inner new rejuvenation out for the world to see without that mask on?

In an instant you can get that glow and that alluring feeling of taking on the day without ever stepping foot into a doctors office or putting on an unflattering robe at the spa.

While many of us still crave the pampering we once enjoyed, not everyone is yet comfortable with being in an oily massage room or spa, touched bare skin by a complete stranger. Not only is it not yet safe, due to our ongoing battle with Covid, but for some and others, it’s just not their go-to “je ne sais quoi.”

So… you might ask… What is this secret instant rejuvenation that can center my gravity and give me all the feels of being one with my inner self without lifting a finger?!

The answer is Reiki. The Holistic form of hands-off healing and channeling the energy through the palms of hands of the Reiki Master.

However, combining the ancient zen practice of Reiki and including invigorating rare crystals which are carefully and strategically placed on the most important touch points of the body, adds that much more to the experience.

- Just a tid-bit of explanation of what the session includes:

Touch points such as the top of the head, between the eyebrows, the neck, chest, torso, belly-button, and tailbone are the seven main focus energy points of the body.

The Reiki Master channels energy through the palms of their hands to become ONE with the flowing energy from those seven touch points.

-In Personal Experience:

The session not only increases the blood flow throughout the entire self, but also clears the torso solar plexus which is an essential part of the nervous system. It keeps the organs functioning smoothly having the body respond properly to any stress or metabolic changes.

- Quite an interesting fact is:

The solar plexus responds to our fight or flight stress pressure that causes undue anxiety and worry for some.

Now back to the fun part that makes the session with the Reiki Master all come together to create this special experience.

-The combination of Reiki and crystals:

These crystals are rare in form and can be of unusual distinctive colors, sizes and weights.

they are carefully and methodically sanitized before each session and are individually and exclusively chosen for each client.

Selection of the crystals is also determined for each touch point on the self and body that might need some extra work or healing.

With each crystal being placed on the body by a certified, trained professional in the comfort of your home, you will get an instant energetic feeling that can last for minutes or even hours.

You are always in a safe space with the trained and certified professional and with the help of this Eastern, Holistic medical practice, the tensions and insecurities of the day start to melt away and you can stay invigorated, refreshed and rejuvenated for hours.

The practice of Reiki can also be done remotely for those who are still being careful of the Crown Virus or are just a little to far to travel.

For the curious minded: think of it as Feng Shui for your soul, mind, and body. Now is the time to try something NEW for yourself!

Written by: Valerie Brown

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