About Me

My name is Florah Leverett

I was born in South Africa and raised in

amidst the beauty of Switzerland. I'm  fluent in Swiss, German, and English.  

My  career started as Hair and Makeup Artist. My passion, work ethic and attention to details have been major forces to drive my career and professionalism.

I made my way to the US in 2013 and soon after became a permanent citizen.

I was excited to see what life had to offer and I set my bar high with plans for my life, spending the last seven years experiencing and adapting to change, personal growth and constantly redefining myself.


Within the cycle of my changes I wore many hats being a different person, constantly trying to be the perfect businesswoman, the perfect wife, daughter, and almost anything I believed people wanted me to be simply for acceptance. Now, that was not how I imagined my success and happiness. My life turned upside down instate.

Four years ago I was down to my last layer of hope, strength, and confidence to the point where I did not recognize the person in the mirror any longer. I had a faint memory that as a child I was very spiritual, and a creator while the universe was my office. Losing my power, confidence, beliefs, and even myself as an adult, it was difficult facing the truth and it was the most depressing and scariest challenge I ever had to overcome. 

My journey to reconnect with myself again started through meditation and crystal healing practices to accept the changes I knew I had to make to feel free and back in control. With that big energy shift I started to take action and made big changes for myself one step at a time. I began taking the necessary steps to leave my past behind and create a new and acceptable life for myself and my happiness. These are a few steps I took towards the beginning of my journey:

I sought help, and found an amazing personal coach who walked me through the planned upside  and out of my downs, depressions and was there for me through it all. As I reflected and realized that I have experienced emotional and mental abuse, it was very shocking at first, followed by angry tears of disbelief. Up until this point I played it down and held it together as I was unprepared  to face the truth. Surely it was a bit of relief, understanding where I stood and why I was stuck and unable to move forward in my life. 


As I had begun accepting my past situations and how they affected me, I learned to find gratitude when knowing the culprit of my issues gave me a fresh start on what to work on and practicing self-help. While managing my daily practice I started understanding and learning that the brain remembers specific behaviors and actions of past circumstances that relate to your childhood, that was a huge eye opener and wake up call for me. 

I found some breakthrough while researching everything I could about emotional abuse and narcissism, reading books and YouTube videos. I needed to understand everything about these conditions because I intend on this never happening to me again , so I promised myself to break the vicious cycle at any cost


Learning about human design give me so much insight about myself, lots of aha moments, and peace of mind to say, “yes this is me and I’m ok, I like me”. 

I dedicated all my time to heal my inner child, find Florah, cancel out all noises. 

I realized I had to learn to be quiet, to listen, to feel and hear myself. Meditation was and will always be a big part of my daily routine for peace. 

The questions I kept asking was “ who am I”? Who do I want to be? Who would I have been if this didn't all happen?

Most importantly the one thing that kept me fitting and wanting to heal and get better was having  a goal, and finding  my life purpose. I needed to find peace, become stronger mentally,  physically, and spiritually to become confident and happy with who I am and what it is I enjoy doing. 

3 years ago my dear friend who is Reiki master, introduced me to Reiki, I felt it in my whole body that, that was the answer I've been looking for, so I began studying Reiki to continue healing myself. I strongly believe in the universal life force energy, as even I wanted to give up at times because I was not ready, I still doubted myself. . 

I was seeking a change in energy in my life and what it represented. Reiki and Crystals did that for me.

My mission is to help you bring good energy into your life inside out so you can heal your self, transform to who  you want to be and enhance your life. I help others find themselves in line with where they hope to be, and it is the reason I became a practitioner. I provide  Crystal Reiki healing services to facilitate a non-invasive, vibrational energy-based healing and life success.